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​Pickup and delivery order process

Step.1 Select a location

Please select a departure location.

Step.2 Select the car model

Please select a vehicle model based on the recommended number of passengers and luggage capacity .

Step.3 Select a time

You can choose to pick up half an hour after your flight arrival time and fill in your flight information in the form .

Step.4 Fill in the form

Please fill in as much information as possible to ensure a smoother ordering process.

Step.5 Complete the order

Please keep your order number and the automatic confirmation email you received .

Step.6 Pre-departure notification

The driver will be informed 2-3 days before departure via email/LINE /WhatsApp /WeChat .

Step.7 Travel

On the day of departure, the driver will be waiting at the designated location, holding a pick-up sign. In case of emergency, please contact Mengjiang customer service, do not contact the driver directly .

FAQs about pick-up and drop-off

Q.1 What does the fee include?

Usually includes transportation fees, driver fees, fuel costs, parking fees, highway fees

Q.2 Why is there no availability at the time I want?

If the time you want is not available, you can choose a nearby time and you can also leave us a note when filling out the form.

*The pick-up time can be selected half an hour after the flight arrival time. Please also fill in the flight information in the form .

Q.3 How do I confirm my driver on the day of travel?

Meng Jiang will inform the driver via email/LINE/WhatsApp /WeChat 2-3 days before departure, and the driver will also hold up the boarding pass and wait on the day.

*Please fill in the name on the pick-up sign in the form. If you do not fill in the name, the English name will be automatically assumed.

*Due to privacy reasons, we are unable to provide the driver's personal communication software contact information. In case of emergency, please keep in touch with Mengjiang customer service LINE/WhatsApp .

Q.4 What should I do if my flight is delayed? Will it be cancelled?

In principle, the supervisor will wait on site for 90 minutes. If you encounter unexpected situations such as flight delays, please be sure to contact Mengjiang customer service LINE/WhatsApp /WeChat in advance. If there is no contact, it will be regarded as a cancellation of the trip and no refund will be given.

*Flight delays will incur extra charges depending on the circumstances.

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From anywhere in Hokkaido to New Chitose Airport

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