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[Case Study A ]
6-Day Tour to Cool Obihiro, Hokkaido
[sampleA ]
6-day Cool Hokkaido Obihiro Tour

Price:¥98,000~ Duration:6Days

Enjoy Hokkaido's comfortable cool weather, beautiful scenery and rich and diverse food in the late summer and early autumn. In addition to the natural scenery, Hokkaido's cultural charm is also attractive, and you can explore classic attractions in depth.
Experience Hokkaido's late summer and early autumn climate, scenery, and cuisine. Explore classic attractions and appreciate its cultural charm, along with its natural beauty.


[Case Study B ]
5-Day Autumn Food Tour in Hakodate
[sampleB] 5-Day Hokkaido Food Tour-
Savoring the Best of Local Cuisine

Price:¥117,000~ Duration: 5 Days

Autumn is the harvest season in Hokkaido, and there are all kinds of delicious food everywhere, such as fruits, seafood and vegetables. During this five-day trip, you can enjoy the beauty and night view of Hakodate, experience the fun of fruit picking, and taste the freshest local seafood. We have arranged exquisite meals for you to taste Hokkaido cuisine and gain a deeper understanding of local culture and eating habits.

Discover Hokkaido's fall harvest in 5 days with stunning views of Hakodate, fruit picking, and fresh seafood from local markets. Enjoy carefully selected cuisine for a deeper understanding of the region's culture and traditions.

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