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Welcome to
Monchan Travel |  Hokkaido










We are local travel experts in Hokkaido.



Committed to creating an unforgettable journey for you. Whether you seek natural wonders, cultural feasts, or simply wish to relax, we offer a variety of services to meet all your travel needs. ​ Please contact our official LINE account or WhatsApp to embark on a journey filled with surprises and beauty.

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Through our professional team andlegal green carYou can rest assured to enjoy a high-quality, safe and safe travel experience.

Let our Dream Tour bring you endless exploration and wonderful memories.

Whether it isday trip,two day tourstillMulti-day tour, we carefully arrange the itinerary to take you to explore the essence of Hokkaido's attractions and unique experiences.

ourCustomized itinerary serviceBased on your needs and interests, a travel program can be created that exactly meets your expectations.

if you needchartered car service,airport transfer,Ski pick-uporà la carte transfer, we can also provide professional transportation arrangements to ensure your travel is more convenient and comfortable.

At Monchan Travel , we pay attention to every detail to make sure your travels are hassle-free. Work closely with local partners to select for youbest hotel stay,Taste local delicacies, and provide your requiredShoppingandexperience activitiessuggestion.

Monchan Travel looks forward to being your travel companion and partner.

Our mission is to bring you an enriching journey that will give you true joy and satisfaction in exploring Hokkaido. Whether it isBackpacking,andfamily fun adventure, or withgroup tour of friends, we will use our professional knowledge and enthusiasm to tailor a unique and unforgettable travel experience for you.

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