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Case itinerary・model course
4-Day Icebreaker Tour
— Explore the natural wonders of Hokkaido

4-Day Icebreaker Expedition Natural Wonders of Hokkaido

Embark on a journey to Hokkaido and enter a world full of natural wonders. Icebreakers and other breathtaking attractions make for an unforgettable snow adventure.

Walking in the vast snow, feel the pure air and magnificent natural scenery. The icebreaker tour will take you into the mysterious world of ice and snow. Board the icebreaker Aurora, sail on the Abashiri drift ice tour, and enjoy the spectacular sight of huge ice blocks colliding with each other. During the adventure of the Milky Way Meteor Falls, you will feel the incredible power of the ice and snow wonders.

In addition to the magnificent natural landscape, Hokkaido has many cultures and experiences waiting for you. Visit the Hokkaido Shrine, feel the sacred atmosphere, and learn about local beliefs and traditions. Take a walk in Tanukikoji Shopping Street, taste local specialties and shop, and bring back fond memories.

Hokkaido is definitely worth exploring for its natural beauty and snow adventures. Let us set off together to explore this charming northern land.

Embark on a journey to Hokkaido and enter a world full of natural wonders. The icebreaker and other breathtaking attractions will offer you an unforgettable snow adventure.

Walk through vast snowy landscapes and feel the pure air and majestic natural scenery. The icebreaker expedition will take you into a mysterious world of ice and snow. Board the Aurora Icebreaker and cruise through the drifting ice of Abashiri, witnessing the spectacular colli sion of massive ice blocks. The exploration of the Galaxy Waterfall will expose you to the awe-inspiring power of the icy wonderland, leaving you amazed.

Beyond the magnificent natural landscapes, Hokkaido has much culture and experiences awaiting you. Visit Hokkaido Shrine and immerse yourself in its sacred atmosphere, gaining insights into the local beliefs and traditions. Stroll along the Tanukikoji Shopping Street, savoring local specialties and indulging in shopping, creating cherished memories to take home.

The beauty of Hokkaido's nature and the snow adventure it offers are absolutely worth exploring. Let us embark on this journey together and discover the enchanting northern land.

Applicable period January-March
Application period: January - March


Welcome to Hokkaido! Welcome to Hokkaido!


New Chitose Airport-North Country Youjun Park (including 2 kinds of experience activities)

- Chisui Local Products Market - Ranbye Lake

New Chitose Airport

-Northern Horse Park ( Contains 2 experiences )

- Chitose Local Products Market - Shikaribetsu Lake



Ranbie Lakeside Hot Spring Fukuhara Hotel or equivalent

Shikaribetu Kohan Onsen Hotel Fusui or similar


Akan Akan   Abashiri Abashiri


Restaurant - Lake Akan Ainu Village –Swan Lake (Lake Kussharo) – Prospect of Tiandu Mountaintower

– Abashiri Drift Ice Sightseeing Icebreaker Aurora

Hotel -ainu kotan (ainu folk village) 

-Swan Lake ( Lake Kussharo )-Tentozan Viewing Platform

-Icebreaker Ship Aurora

Scryer Stock 2023-06-13 16.51.33.png


Wengen Soup Four Seasons Ping An Restaurantor equivalent

Onneyu Hotel Shiki Heianno Yakata  or similar

Scryer Stock 2023-06-13 16.13.15.png
Scryer Stock 2023-06-13 17.10.16.png


Asahikawa Asahikawa Sapporo Sapporo

Restaurant - Milky Way Meteor Falls– Hokkaido Shrine  – Shiroi Koibito Factory 

– Tanukikoji Shopping Street

Hotel -Ginga Waterfall - Hokkaido Shrine

- Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Factory  - Tanukikoji Shopping Street

GPTempDownload 7.jpg


Sapporo Classic Innor equivalent

Sapporo Classe Hotel  or similar



The four seasons in Hokkaido have their own characteristics, so it is recommended that you try to discover a new Hokkaido style when you visit next time!
Hokkaido has unique features for each season,
so we recommend visiting again to see a completely new side of Hokkaido next time!


restaurant – New Chitose Airport

Hotel - New Chitose Airport




Car fares, translation fees, highway tolls, parking fees, accommodation, meals, and tips.

Including three ferry rides from Wakkanai to Rebun Island to Rishiri Island to Wakkanai, transportation costs, translation fees, highway tolls, parking fees, accommodation fees, meal expenses , and tips.


1. The hotel is Fukuhara Hotel, Wengenyu Shijipingan Hotel, Sapporo Classic Hotel or similar level

Hotel options include Shikaribetu Kohan Onsen Hotel Fusui , Onneyu Hotel Shiki Heianno Yakata , Sapporo Classe Hotel  or similar.

2.Starry sky, snowfall, maple leaves, flowering, etc. are all natural scenes, and our company cannot guarantee viewing.

​The night sky, snowfall, autumn leaves, and blooming season are all natural phenomena that we cannot guarantee for viewing.

*The price may fluctuate due to actual conditions such as the number of people, time, and holidays.

Actual changes may occur based on factors such as number of people, time, holidays, etc.

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