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に基づく Notation of Specific Commercial Citation Law

サイトName: Monchan Travel DMC Japan

Business name: Huckazu Co., Ltd.

Person in charge of overall operation: IVAN CHUNG

Address: 3F, 1st Yamazaki Building, 2-12, Kita-6-jo, Nishi-6-chome, Kita-ku, Sapporo

Phone number: 011-299-4407


Merchandise, etc. 商売価标:产品のページをご覧ください.

に Necessary materials other than commodity cash: 特にありません.

The period of payment on behalf of gold: the time of application for payment in advance.

The supply period of goods, etc.: 产品のページをご覧ください.

キャンセルポリシー: After the reservation is confirmed, お客様のご都合で约约を收り卖されか occasion, the product のページに record されたキャンセル料をいただきます.

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